Yoga Workshop(s) Final Update + Millenial Mavericks Interviews on the way!

January 2012 has probably been the best January of my life. Simple because I actually went out there and stuck to my New Year’s resolution to do more yoga. I am up to day 39 of daily yoga and meditation and completed two workshops in January. The first being a small intro course and the second being a Meditation 101 workshop where we learned the benefits of taking a step back and listening to your breath.

Intro to Yoga Workshop – I Graduated! Lol.

This workshop allowed me to really use some of the principles I learned in class and at home. It also allowed me to make friends with people in my community and get to know an awesome yoga instructor on a deeper level than just being a student in her uber popular classes. Most of all it opened my eyes to the importance of prioritizing mind and body health.

Ok, so it’s common knowledge that being healthy is good for you – but thanks to my current job where I interview job candidates and this workshop I’ve realized that too much work without healthy habits is a sure fire way to end up sick or with some sort of other ailment. I’ve even started watching what I eat more closely – something I pretty much have never done in my life.

Mediation 101 Workshop

Most people freak out when they hear the word meditation. I know I did – mostly because of my Catholic upbringing which turns out was slightly (though not completely) misinformed. In actuality several religions, traditions and cultures across the globe all encourage some form of meditation – whether it’s praying, dancing or chanting in Sanskrit. Want to know why? Besides the divine qualities these societies believe in, meditation actually does help with the stresses of life.

Sitting still while focusing on your breathing allows you to turn inward. It allows you to really sit and get comfortable with yourself – and at times even your fears. It allows you to experience moments of calm amid this crazy ass world we live in. And it has a whole slew of insanely awesome health benefits of which some of them include increasing serotonin, balancing out your blood pressure, decreasing your chances of heart disease and overall helping you become a cool cucumber during stressful situations.

Calming me down and crazy good health benefits? Yes, please!

And because I couldn’t help myself, here’s a quick health update vlog.


 Introducing Millenial Mavericks! Interviews start rolling out this coming week!

Grad Meets World searched the web for some of the coolest Gen Y entrepreneurs, bloggers and all around kick ass people for a series of video interviews. I must say that it was oodles of fun to finally meet some of these guys and it was great to catch up with some others. I learned a lot from conducting these interviews and my hope is that you all will be as inspired as I was after hanging with these guys for a bit.

Each week is going to have a different theme with related posts throughout the week. Below you’ll find just a few of those that are lined up so far. My hope is to continue these interviews throughout the year in order to motivate and inspire you all to kick ass at life!

February 6 – Lifestyle Design – Kelly Gurnett – Cordelia Calls It Quits

Learn how to juggle the 9 to 5 while working toward creating the life you want!

February 13 – Career – Jana Schuberth – Love Work Now Career Design

Need help finding passion in your work? Want to wake up excited? Check out this interview with this awesome career coach.

February 20 – Entrepreneurship – Lindsay Hunt – The Boomerang Kid

Get tips for starting your own business plus advice for moving back home with Mom and Dad.

February 27 – Health and Fitness – Diana Antholis – Unleash Your Sexy

Dirty deets on Diana’s newest coaching/personal training program that strives to help young busy women feel fabulous and sexy. She’s even giving away a free session to one of my lucky readers!

Check back soon for interviews, videos and all that good stuff!



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