Feisty Fireball Tip of the Week – How Do I Find My Voice?

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Finding our voice is something that we all struggle with at one point or another.

We don’t pipe up at work.

We get scared to let people know we have a business.

We don’t know how to express ourselves in job interviews.

We can’t muster up the courage to tell the cute guy at the print shop that we think he’s adorable (maybe that’s just me).

Etc., etc., etc.

We just aren’t comfortable with what we have to say. We lack the confidence in ourselves and in our message.

It’s not completely our faults. We’re kind of trained to think this is humble and that “putting it out there”, so to speak, can come off as conceited.  Many times it can, but there is a huge difference between confidence and conceit.

Take it from someone who does job interviews all the time – you can tell in 2 minutes whether someone is coming from a conceited place or from a place of confidence.

Conceited people over exaggerate the story. They act like they have something to prove. They suck at making a connection with the person interviewing them.

Confident people lay it all out on the table. They say “This what I’ve got. This is what I’ve done. This is what I bring to the table. And I am totally okay with that.” They make a connection from the get-go, they seem very comfortable in their own skin, they have a calmness about them.

This week, make it a point to start getting comfortable with your own voice. If you’re still trying to figure it out write your thoughts in a journal each day. If you’d like to kick it up a notch, publish it online for an audience to read.At the end of the day finding your voice and getting comfortable with it can open up a myriad of opportunities – from meeting new friends to acing a job interview.


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