6 Ways to Get Fabulous Stuff without Breaking the Bank

After my recent trip and after figuring out my tuition for the life coaching certification, I had to kind of rework the bank accounts to get back on track.

That is to say, I needed to open up new high yield savings accounts (super easy with ING Direct. Email me for referrals and get some extra cash for opening an account) and get back to that savings plan I rave so much about. I also had to figure out a new budget with a cell phone bill that finally got sorted out and with some money that I am now giving my parents each month.

While reworking my budget I had to figure out what kind of money I could save (still aiming for 50% of my income) and what I had left over to spend. Now, we all like to buy nice things every once in a while, and like Ramit Sethi I don’t believe you have to give up stuff you like in order to save money. I also like pretty things (I am a girl with a shoe obsession) and don’t like to sacrifice quality, so I kind of made it my mission the last couple of weeks to find fabulous treats at a decent price.

Thanks to blogs like Frugal Beautiful, Careful Cents, Budgets are Sexy, The Budgetnista, The Frugal Travel Guy, Fantabulously Frugal and Super Frugalette I have found some pretty amazing stuff that will help me save money – from good quality clothing to travel!


Okay, this actually takes some dedication because you have to check the site everyday – but if done well you can find some pretty nifty stuff on E-Miles that will not only get you sweet deals but earn you bonus airline miles. For instance, I just got 12 issues of The Economist for a $1 each in addition to earning 700 bonus miles. So, not only did I get an awesome magazine at a freakin’ steal I also didn’t have to spend $700.00 to earn miles. You can also find stuff like free credit reports, free business cards, and countless other things – all of which can give you bonus airline miles.

The only thing is you have to keep your eye on the subscriptions and cancel them before they go up to full price. If you can keep up with it then it’s a good way to save on stuff while earning travel points. All you need to do is hook it up to your frequent flyer account (no you don’t need to take out the credit card, although it helps) and start signing up for deals.

Also, DO NOT take out a credit card unless you know how to handle having multiple cards. Simply put, the interest rate on these cards are RIDICULOUS so if you aren’t good with credit this isn’t something I recommend.


I am obsessed with this site! Thanks to Shannyn at Frugal Beautiful I was able to sign up for this AMAZING site that helps you find name brand stuff at up to 75% off! Seriously, some of the dresses I have found are not only good quality but DIRT CHEAP. The same goes for shoes, furniture, jewelry and menswear!

To make it even better, HauteLook was getting so much attention that Nordstrom decided to acquire it – and anyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that I have an obsession with Nordstrom.

HauteLook is definitely the first website I’m hitting up the next time I have to find a dress for a special occasion or some  pumps.If you want in on the goods make sure to email me. I’ve got some pretty nifty referrals :)

BirchBox and Little Black Bag

Beauty products and accessories are EXPENSIVE. And the same goes whether your male or female. Seriously, have you taken a look at price tags lately? Enter two of my latest obsessions: BirchBox and Little Black Bag.

BirchBox is a beauty subscription service where you pay $10.00 a month to get beauty samples. And I’m not talking teeny weeny samples, I’m talking decent sized product that can easily burn a hole in your wallet at the department store. The REALLY cool thing is that this isn’t just for women – there’s a BirchBox Man too! (Note: BirchBox for men is $20.00 a month instead of $10.00. Still a great deal because male grooming can get pricy with all those razors.)

Little Black Bag is also a subscription service that mainly deals with accessories. It works a little something like this: you take a survey and then you are presented with a ton of accessories and beauty products. You then pick one product and stylists pick another 2 products for you. All these products total over $100.00 and you get it for around $50.00. But wait! It gets better! Thanks to my Klout score I was able to get an additional product for FREE and I got a 10%  discount because I liked them on Facebook (buh bye shipping cost). You also have the opportunity to trade items with other users before your bag ships. The end result is that I ended up with a designer wallet (Item I chose because I actually needed one. Retail $55), a designer handbag (My free item that retailed at $78.00), organic lip balm ($8) a designer ring ($14.99), and designer earrings ($14.99) that totaled $170.00 for only fifty bucks.

The best part is that neither of these services require a contract so you can cancel at any time. Boy do I love a good deal :)

Coupon Cactus

Coupon Cactus is a free online service that scours the web for the best coupon codes and discounts with over 4,000 merchants so that you never pay full retail for anything. I’ve seen coupons and discounts for anything from some of my favorite stores to laptops and even phone and internet service!

To make it even better (because what could be better that not paying retail price, right?) you can also opt for getting cash back rewards for your purchases!

It’s almost like Retail Me Not meets Ebates. Don’t believe me? Read some reviews here , here, and here. Again, another website I definitely won’t go shopping without. Email me for a referral and get in some sweet deals.

Klout Perks

I’m sure that those of you who measure your social media influence have already signed up for Klout. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

Klout allows you to see all your networks in once place, what you are influential about, what people who influence you are doing and how your score measures up over time. In addition, depending on your score you can get FREE STUFF! Thanks to my Klout score I’ve already cashed in on Moo Business cards, Moo mini cards, a $78.00 handbag and a week’s supply of Eboost energy mix all for free! Join Klout, measure your social media influence and get in on the deals! Oh, and make sure to stop by my page and say hi :)

I should mention that although this stuff is better than sliced bread, it doesn’t mean you should drown yourself in debt or spend all your cash. Keep in mind some basic shopping know-how and use it for things you actually need.

If you want in on any of the sweet deals that come from having a referral – whether it’s extra cash from ING for opening up an account or discounts for all the others – make sure to shoot me an email. I love sharing the wealth :)

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  1. Carrie Smith May 24, 2012 at 10:58 am #

    I love HauteLook too! Even though I haven’t blogged about it much, I use it on a regular basis. I recently signed up for BirchBox (thanks to Shannyn) but I haven’t received my first box yet. Klout Perks are super awesome, that’s where I got some of my business cards for my blog.

    The Emiles thing sounds really cool, and I’ll definitely have to check it out! I’m happy my blog helps save you money/find the best deals – that’s what I’m all about. :)

    • Amanda Abella May 25, 2012 at 9:50 am #

      I actually just made my first order and it was a freakin’ STEAL!!! Now I’m just afraid I’ll spend all my money there lol.

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