Sweet Spot Exercise: Get Paid to Do What You Love

As a part of my ICA certification I get to explore personal development practices outside of the class corridors and review them. This, of course, doesn’t really seem like work to me because I love doing that anyway :)

Just recently I ran into an exercise by one of my all time favorite online entrepreneurs and life coaches – Marie Forleo. I personally adore this woman – she’s smart, sassy and a straight shooter. I can see much of what she discusses when it comes to life and business at my day job while interviewing candidates. I also see it in my loyal readers and coaching clients.

One of the biggest issues I hear among clients is the issue of not knowing what they want to do, especially when it comes to their careers and making money. They know what they are supposed to do, they know what they think the should do, but they can never actually pinpoint what it is they actually want to.

It is commonly known that people tend to thrive more when they are doing things that are in alignment with themselves. Simply put, if you like what you’re doing you’ll be more likely to succeed at it. And guess what? Most people tend to already like things that they are good at. After all, they already have a natural inclination toward them.

The next step would like in figuring out how to get paid for them. Chances are you may already be getting paid for things you like, or at the very least things you are good at. They key is to combine all three to find your sweet spot – the thing that not only makes you tick, but that people will actually pay you for.

Whether you’re trying to figure out a career path or get a side hustle going to make some extra cash, the following exercise will help you figure out what you love, what you’re good at and what people will actually pay you to do.


Step 1. Write down what you already get paid to do.

Step 2. Write down what you love to do.

Step 3:  Write down what you are genetically encoded to so.

When all three of these combine you get your sweet spot – that thing you get, love and can absolutely get paid for.

So tell me…

What did you come up with when you did this exercise? Are you already getting paid to do something you like? Did you have an idea for a side business?

Share your findings in the comments so we can all support each other :)

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  1. Clarity Star September 12, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    I am so glad I found your blog it’s full of knowledge!

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