5 Ways to Take a Chill Pill During the Holiday Season

Since we’re fast approaching Christmas, New Year’s and everything in between I figured this would be a good time to take a chill pill from the busy schedule of a millenial professional. Between day jobs, side hustles, networking, fitness, money managing, socializing and everything else we have going on it can be hard to just chill out for a few days.

But in actuality, taking the next couple of weeks to rest and recharge is an essential part of preparing for the new year. We have to let go of 2012, spend time with our families and really take the time to go inward, reflect and relax.

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking,  ”Well, how the hell am I supposed to do that? I’ve got a million Christmas parties, I still have to find a present for my boss, family is flying into town, we’ve got end-of-the-year deadlines at work, my cousins are driving me insane, etc. etc. etc.”

Look, I get it. As wonderful as this time of year is, it can get completely and utterly insane. But hey, I’m sure several of you have a few days off from work so make the most of it! Below you’ll find some of the ways I plan on spending my vacation, winding down and preparing for the 2013.

1. Get a massage.

I read something very interesting in Kate White’s latest book, I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This, Success Secrets Every Gutsy Girl Should Know. She has an entire section dedicated to work/life balance as a busy woman and an assessment at the beginning to see if you’re actually taking the time to just relax. One thing she asked was how we spend an unexpected extra day off from work: doing something nice for ourselves, getting a jump start on a project from work, or doing an insane amount of chores.

It was at that moment that I realized I either work through my days off or do stuff around the house. So this time I’m doing something nice and getting myself a damn massage. In fact, I’ve learned that massages can actually really affect your health, so I may be making it a monthly ritual.  Check out the following excerpt from Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet and you may just sign yourself up for monthly massages as well:

Wait. Did someone say massage? The very word calms me down. Massages are often viewed as luxury splurges. Let’s change that. Your body is an instrument that must be tuned. Hands-on healing should be part of regular life maintenance. Massage gives you energy, boosts your immune system, helps your circulation, and improves the quality and quantity of your sleep. Best of all, it releases stored emotions that create issues in your tissues. There are many different types of massage that can produce lasting beneficial effects. I’ll take a good deep tissue massage any day! A few massage techniques you may not be as familiar with are craniosacral, lymphatic drainage, and Reiki. (Read more here...)

(P.S. Miami ladies! Feel free to join me and other fabulous women in your community on Dec 19 at 7PM at Books & Books Coral Gables! LocalLEVO Miami will be discussing Kate White’s spectacular book and throwing our own little Holiday Soiree. RSVP here.)

2. Enjoy nature.

Nothing is healing quite like nature. I’m going to take full advantage of my Florida winter and spend some time by the ocean. Already started by working out at Kennedy Park with my awesome friend and personal trainer Alex Cordovi. (Get used to seeing her name, we’re doing big things in 2013.)

Nothing better than Florida sunshine, the ocean and a dog park.


3. Read a fiction novel.

As much as I love reading all about personal development, positive psychology, money, fitness, careers and spirituality there comes a time when I want to be transported into some sort of fictional world. Use your vacay time to curl up with a good read and a cup of tea.

4. Get with friends and have a Creative Day of Genius.

Okay, so we totally stole this from Jenny Blake, but the Miami Spirit Junkies are getting together and having our own Creative Day of Genius. Vision boards, great music, food, meditation and more. We’re reflecting on 2012, letting it go and making room for all the awesome stuff heading our way in 2013.

5. Go on a technology fast.

I’ve been wanting to try this since I lost my iPhone a few weeks ago. It was actually really nice not to have a phone for a few days. So nice that I may take a couple of days to completely cut myself off from technology altogether. On the 24th and the 25th you’ll be lucky if you can actually get a hold of me. No Facebook, no Twitter, no email, no nothing. Check out the following articles for some fun pieces on taking a technology fast:

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There’s you have it. Five ways to chill the ‘eff out during the Holidays. Take advantage of your time off, enjoy your friends and family, and do something nice for yourself as we head into a new year.

Happy Holidays from Grad Meets World!