March Fireball Bonus: Get a Free 30 Minute Stress Busting Workshop with Diana Antholis!

Phew! Can you all believe it’s March already?!? Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

I am so excited to share with you all March’s Fireball bonus! My awesome blogger buddy and go-to fitness guru Diana Antholis has been amazing enough to create a bonus just for GMW Fireballs! If you haven’t been following this blog for very long then you can check out the incredible interview Diana and I did when she launched her unique fitness program – Unleash Your Sexy! We recorded this interview about a year ago and since then her business has helped countless individuals find their center, get balanced and get healthy!

Just recently Diana launched her first ebook Unleashed: Live the Balanced, Centered and Sexy Life You Deserve and it quickly became a best seller on Amazon! Some of you have already picked this up, but in case you haven’t here’s why you should:

1. It’s less money than a couple of lattes from Starbucks.

2. This isn’t necessarily about dieting or losing weight (though it can definitely help!) – it’s about living an overall healthy lifestyle including mind and body.

3. It’s a handy guide to keep around for when you fall off the health wagon or need some quick stress busters

4. She gives you effective tools to deal with stress, fear and anxiety! Tools that actually work!

5. She’s loving and gentle. This book in no way makes you feel inadequate or suggests you should strive for perfection. The point is to live a better life, not your stress yourself out with trying to create it.

6. She’s got an exclusive bonus just for Fireballs – a free 30 Minute “Find Your Center” one-on-one stress busting workshop! 

UNLEASHED ebook cover

Here are the deets:

Stress sucks. And it’s very unsexy. 
Your “Find Your Center” 30-minute session is designed to help you figure out what the heck is stressing you out, how to get over it, and move on sooner rather than never.
During your 30 minutes together, you and Diana will:
- Identify what is giving you a headache or elevating your stress levels (read: making you feel like a crazy person) this week.
- Find out how your thoughts are fueling your stress and how to put out the fire.
- Discover the ways you can immediately feel better, breathe easier, and center yourself to conquer your stress and tackle your day.
That’s right – for the price of a day at Starbucks you get an awesome guide AND a free half hour coaching session with Diana! 

 How do you get in on this?

This month’s Fireball Bonus is ONLY for email subscribers – current and those who subscribe during the month of March. You will receive instructions all month long on how you can snag this awesome offer!

1. Sign up for the Fireball Newsletter! You can use the form below, on the side bar, below the header or the Pop Up.

2. Check your email for instructions all month long!

3. Current subscribers: Check the sidebar of the weekly blasts for instructions.

I hope you guys get as much fulfillment, joy and happiness out of Diana’s work as I have! Here’s a to a healthy March!

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