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It’s no secret that I am a personal development junkie. Lifestyle design is something I’ve become very keen of since starting this blog 2 years ago, and while it’s certainly something I’ve kept in mind for a while, it wasn’t until recently when I cut my day job hours that I really started taking it seriously.

What do I mean when I say lifestyle design?

I mean making the conscious decisions to live your life the way you CHOOSE to. Taking deliberate action to create the kind of lifestyle you truly desire.

My first step was starting a side business nearly three years ago. Then I moved on to adding fitness as a priority in my life. And now, I’ve taken it even further as I have significantly cut my day job hours to really pursue my business.

Of course, this means I run the risk of falling into the fatal trap that many entrepreneurs experience: overworking myself, becoming overwhelmed, and feeling the urge to control every single little thing.

Not this time, friends.

Say hello to a community manager and a new writer!

As a new(ish) entrepreneur hellbent on lifestyle design I’ve committed myself to creating a life I want to live. AKA serving you all WITHOUT running myself into the ground over and over again. With that being said I have brought on two FABULOUS ladies to help with my blog and business.

Tatiana Christian (Fireball Facebook Fiend) – Tatiana was not only one of my first ever blog readers, she was also my first coaching client (you can watch her testimonial here). She’s bringing her fierce tech skills to help with site support, social media management and the backend of my coaching business. If you have any inquiries at all about the website please email her at tatiana [at] amandaabella [dot] com. (P.S. She is available for hire to help you with all your social media needs!)

Kelly Gurnett (Lifestyle Design Guru Extraordinaire) – To help me further expand my business and the overall message of this site I’ve brought on Kelly Gurnett of the fabulous lifestyle design blog of Cordelia Calls it Quits to help out around here. Kelly and I met a while back when we were both starting our respective blogs. Since then we’ve both become experts in the field of career, personal finance, entrepreneurship and lifestyle design. We’ve both also launched successful online businesses!

In fact, if anyone has the kind of passion for lifestyle it takes to help run this website it’s Kelly. Just take a look at this awesome post she wrote for Cubepiphany, You Are Not Crazy for Wanting More. She’s also an Assistant Editor over at the Brazen Life blog. Seriously, how could I not bring her aboard Team Fireball?

With that being said we would absolutely 100% appreciate it if you all filled out this quick 5 minute survey so we can better serve you with our content! Also, if you have any questions, suggestions or comments feel free to email Kelly at kelly [at] amandaabella [dot] com

(P.S. She is also available for hire should any of you need a writer!)

9 More Lifestyle Design Blogs You Need in Your Life 

Kelly’s point of view, tips and writing have most certainly inspired me in the last few years; but there are also a multitude of other blogs that can help light a fire under your ass as well! Check out my picks for lifestyle design blogs you need in your life!


A blog dedicated to helping people of all kinds love their jobs? Yes, please! If you’re ready to start thinking outside of the box and turn that cubicle into a party you won’t want to miss this!

Zen Habits

While I used to be an avid reader of Zen Habits I kind of stopped when my job(s) took over my life. Since taking back control of my own life and passions I’ve started to read this amazing blog again. It is an absolute must-read for anyone trying to create a little breathing space in their life.

The Rule Breakers Club

Courtney is brilliant. Period. Point blank. Her approach to life is so refreshing that I do not hesitate to let people know about her blog. She covers anything from minimalism to getting down to the nitty gritty of why we want certain things. And she does this in a very fun and approachable way.

Careful Cents

What started as a personal finance blog has turned into an entrepreneurship/lifestyle design/accountability/kick in the pants party! It has been an absolute pleasure to watch Carrie go from office dwelling nine to fiver to realizing she has way more control over her career and money than she initially imagined. In fact, my prediction is that her content is going to get EVEN BETTER now that she has quit her soul sucking day job!

Bella Life by Nitika Chopra

This blog’s tagline says it all – “Let Go. Live Big.” It has become one of my absolute favorite personal development sites for anything personal finance, spirituality, health and beauty related! In fact, it’s because of Bella Life that I found my new friend and Body Confidence Coach Alison Leipzig (check out her interview here!).

Leaving Work Behind 

Not only is Tom Ewer a 2013 Problogger to Watch, he has also become a lifestyle design guru in the blogosphere! The coolest thing about Tom is that he is totally transparent about his lifestyle design journey – from quitting his day job to pursue freelancing to helping others do the same with amazing content! (P.S. For an uber long list of kick ass blogs check out Tom’s 100 Blogs You Need In Your Life first, second and third editions!)

Paid to Exist

With an audacious title like that who wouldn’t want to read it?

Marie Forleo

Yes, I will admit I have a total girl crush on Marie Forleo. She is definitely one of me sheroes and her content is nothing short of amazing. From starting your own business to having difficult conversations with friends, Marie basically covers anything you can think of in order to create a life you love.

Get Busy Living

I recently caught up with Benny Hsu and he was working from his laptop in Taipei. This man has created a life for himself where he travels around the world having amazing experiences while still getting shit done.

He literally turns the idea of busy-ness on it’s head by encouraging people to live rather than stay busy. In a time when we’re wearing “busy-ness” like a badge of honor it’s nice to know that there are people like Benny who are showing people that they truly can create magnificent lives!

What are some of your favorite lifestyle design blogs? Share in the comments below!

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