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We at Make Money Your Honey know that online business without the proper direction can be exhausting. Without the right focus and strategy, business owners experience feast or famine. That. Stops. Now. 

Amanda Abella, Amazon bestselling author, influencer, writer and business consulting brings nearly a decade of experience to help business owners just like you create and sell offerings to a market that can't wait to buy from you.

Amanda built her business from $0 to six-figures and it all started with a blog - but that wasn't enough. She had to know her market, create content, grow her influence and create a system that would allow her to MAKE MONEY while making an impact. 

In this program, Amanda teaches you the exact strategies that grew her own company by over 40% in one year! 

6 Simple Strategies That Get You Paid

The course covers six-weeks of content that helps business owners create a system and marketing plan for an offering that is uniquely tailored to their audience.

Market Research

Week 1 covers Market Research. In this part of the program, Amanda teaches you the secret to having a successful business - knowing your market better than they know themselves.

Offer Creation

Week 2 is all about creating (or tweaking) a tantalizaing offer that is customized to the needs of your audience. THIS is what makes offerings easy to sell.

Position & Pricing

Week 3 covers the how to position yourself and your offering in the marketplace for easy sales.

On-demand so you can download and watch at your own pace

Online Marketing

Week 4 covers online marketing. From writing blogs to social media copy - Amanda shares the exact strategies that get your market to move.

Sales and Systems

You can't make money if you don't know how to sell. Amanda teaches a system that filters out the duds so you only speak to the right prospects.


The final week covers growth strategies business owners can use to continue expanding and making more money. This includes upsells and how to get media attention.

Plus - $2000 worth of bonuses!

How to make money as a brand ambassador and speaker class

How to network your way to more money class

Managing money as a small business owner class

Money mindset for business owners class

40 hours of group coaching recordings

Access to Amanda's network of service providers

What do you get as a result of completing the program?

An offer that sells itself and a system to sell it

You will stop wasting your time on people who don't want to pay for your good work. Weed out the duds, speak with the right people and create an offering that sells itself.

30 Days Worth of Marketing Content

This includes email marketing, social media copy and blogs. Students also create lead magents for list building.

Money Mindset

Change your mindset for money for good so you can earn more.

Office Hours and Facebook Group

Amanda offers office hours calls a few times a year. This allows you to get your questions answered and customized help from Amanda. Students also have access to an exclusive Facebook group for support.

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About Amanda Abella

Featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inc, USA Today and Business Insider, Amanda Abella has created an online community where millennials can learn how to make money online and actually enjoy their financial journeys. Her ever growing community is currently made up of over 50,000 individuals across social media and email subscriber channels. The world’s fascination with money – and her own need to learn about healthy financial habits – led her to start her career as a freelance writer who focused on financial topics in 2010. 

Since then her company has expanded to creating content marketing for companies like Credit Karma, Intuit, TransUnion, Capital One, Santander and Discover. Her company has grossed six-figures in revenue as a writer, speaker, consultant and influencer in the financial space.

Now she's teaching business owners how they too can reach these levels of success in their businesses.

Here are what Amanda's students and clients have to say!

John and David of Debt Free Guys, Financial influencers

John and David went from $1k per month to six figures within a year!

Laura Gariepy, Freelance Writer and Marketing Consultant

Laura is earning $6k per month and is on her way to consistent five-figure months!

Courtnie Nichols, travel agent and influencer

Courtnie Nichols made a $15K sale and quit her day job in a matter of weeks!

Cynthia Calhoun, meditation teacher 

Cynthia learned how to stand out in a saturated market place and saw great results!

Alisa Zipursky, Writer, Speaker and Advocate

Alisa went from unpaid labor to getting booked with PAID speaking gigs and workshops!

Dominique Bercy, Marketing specialist and event planner

Dominique landed a national brand as a client!

Mandyy Thomas, financial coach

Mandyy converted clients who'd previously said no!

Adina Applebaum, expert for immigrant finances

Adina got media mentions, client prospects and is in talks with two brands!

Diana, Small Business Consultant

Diana got her first paying client within weeks!

Amanda Page,

Amanda got media mentions, a sales funnel and a marketing plan in a matter of weeks!

Paulette Perhach, Welcome to The Writer's Life and The Fuck Off Fund

The major shift that helped Paulette gain clarity

Michelle Jackson, Podcaster

Michelle explains how she started making more money in less time!

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