Writer, motivational speaker, & career coach Amanda Abella teaches you to set fire to your life.

Amanda Abella Client Testimonials

Amanda Abella testimonial from Carrie Smith

Carrie Smith,
Careful Cents

Thanks to Amanda’s awesome go-getter advice, I put up a Hire Me page on my site. Within several days I got emails from two new clients and we closed deals by the end of the week. I ended up making an extra $500 every month, just from doing what Amanda suggested. Her writing is full of practical advice that will not only help you through the tough spots, but also help you move your career forward.





Amanda Abella testimonial from Michelle Candelaria

Michelle Candelaria, Certified Wedding Planner

I’ve had the pleasure in receiving a live coaching call with Amanda. She is very resourceful and knowledgeable. She makes you think outside the box. She has helped me realize the areas that I need improvement on. It’s always great to get that extra push in life and with Amanda she is able to do that.







Amanda Abella testimonial from Shannyn Allan

Shannyn Allan,
Frugal Beautiful

Amanda Abella is a firestarter.  When you work with Amanda, she’ll share that fire with you and get you excited about what you do.  She’s done her homework and not only has the enthusiasm to get you revved up about your goals and life, but the knowledge, credibility and diligence to equip you into powerhousing towards your goals.  Every time I talk to Amanda I always feel fired up about what she’s doing in her business and life and what she’s able to do with others. Even if I’m exhausted, by the end of a call with Amanda I’m pumped and energized- expect that working with Amanda will give you the firepower and the compass needed to hit your goals.




Amanda Abella testimonial from Danays Villegas

Danays Villegas, DimePeaceProject.com

Amanda Abella is a Millenial Movement Mastermind! Let her coaching guide you right where you want to be – because this girl has the know-how and all the how-to’s on getting fired up about living the life you want. Whether it’s about your career or your life, Amanda has a keen sense of directing you to your passions and purpose with a plan of action and some serious FIRE! Besides being kick-ass at helping you rock your life, Amanda genuinely cares about your desires and invests herself in your success. If you want to kick-start your life into awesomeness and turn your rock-star status on Amanda is exactly who you need!




Amanda Abella testimonial from Lynette Davis

Lynette Davis, APlusDMedia.com

I’ve been following Amanda’s blog for some time now, and I have to say it is very refreshing to read the persepective of someone who walks her talk. Her blog is in your face with practical tips anyone in transition phase can benefit from. What I love most about her is the fiery spirit that reflects in her writing, she is relatable in a sense that you feel that you too can accomplish the seemingly unattainable and I believe that is a breath of fresh air to those looking for inspiration and hope.




Amanda Abella testimonial from Diana Antholis

Diana Antholis, DianaAntholis.com

Working alongside Amanda during these last couple of years has sparked a fire in both of our businesses. She always goes above and beyond to help others and promote their work, especially mine! Amanda does exactly what she says she’s going to do, and she lives her life the way she teaches it. That’s the best kind of person to have in your life. She’s an inspiration to me to keep going bigger and bigger. Amanda will definitely help you achieve your goals.