Feisty Fireball Tip of the Week: Get Ballsy, Get Entitled

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The Run Down:

Last weekend I finished reading The Work Revolution by Julie Clow. The whole book is about how companies can create new management systems that incorporate freedom and creativity into the traditional view of work.

To give a gist of some of the ideas behind this book I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite ideas that Clow puts forth:

1. People have different skills and different energy levels – use them efficiently.

2. Micromanaging sucks the life out of people.

3. Current systems in older companies just waste a hell of a lot of time.

4. Creativity in the workplace should be embraced.

5. Crappy managers (A.K.A. Fire breathing dragons) need to get axed immediately.

6. Employees work better when you put the power in their hands.

And finally…

Work doesn’t have to suck.

There’s a quote in the book that really resonated with me. In fact, I think it’s an utterly brilliant quote for our entire generation.

“Frankly, for whatever musings there might be about gen Yers being ‘entitled’, that attitude has led to their absolutely having no patience for the ridiculousness of corporate lives, and they are opting out, in droves. They are optimistic that they can do things they are passionate about, and can make money at it. Fortunately, what starts in the younger generations spreads upward to their elders, as evidenced by the former’s immediate Facebook adoption by older age groups. We all need to become more entitled. We need to insist on a work life that is fulfilling and fun.”

And so I’m sitting here typing this up with one message in mind:

Get ballsy. Get entitled.

You already have the drive. You already have the passion.

Now all you need is the balls. And just enough of a sense of entitlement to push you.

For those of you who want to quit your own jobs and start your own business. For those of you who want to move up in your current job. For those of you who want to move half way across the world. For those of you who want to follow your creativity. For those of you who want to make money doing what you love.

Strap on your cojones and go after it.

No one’s going to create a work revolution for you. You have to take part and create it for yourself. Perhaps you won’t change an entire corporate culture, but you’ll at least change the way you live your life in conjunction with your work.

We’ve got one life to live. Live it and work it well.

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2 Responses to Feisty Fireball Tip of the Week: Get Ballsy, Get Entitled

  1. Diana April 19, 2012 at 8:21 pm #

    A work revolution means changing the way you view work. It’s all about our own perspectives. We can choose to do something about the way we work, or not. But we have to remember that choice is always ours.

    I want to read Julie’s book! (Sorry Julie I missed your book launch party in the city and that I missed you last night! I hope to see you soon!)

  2. Shannyn @thefrugalpreneur.com April 21, 2012 at 10:18 am #

    For me, the work revolution is the other side of the coin for changes that are happening in our working world. Not everyone wants to quit their job, sell their stuff and freelance- some people just want to fall in love with a job they used to enjoy again and make their working day suck less, that’s okay too!

    Julie Clow was dead on when she said that our working world is still based on an antiquated industrial model. We are all asked to show up from 9-5 and work “productively” the whole time. Most people work productively for the first 3 hrs. and then play solitaire. Julie recommends a model of trust- as an employer you don’t have to fret if a worker takes an hour off to go for a walk, exercise or sit outside, though they aren’t “working” having healthier employees leads to greater productivity overall and a better work environment, but that’s currently not the way we do things!

    I currently run my own business but found several gems in the book that I know will apply to my working day and can help some of my friends who are in the 9-5 workforce. Loved the book. Great post Amanda!

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