Try this one thing and never worry about spending money again (FinCon13 Recap)



You feel like you’ve done everything right when it comes to making a budget, but for some reason you still feel like crap when spending money or paying your credit card.

Last weekend I flew out to St. Louis to lead a workshop for FinCon13 and while I was there I learned the secret to having a rockstar budget while never having to worry about spending money. All of these successful money bloggers made one simple shift that changed everything:

They figured out what they really valued.

It’s exactly what Kate Northrup talks about in her new book Money: A Love Story. You figure out what you value in life and you’ll know what you should and should not be spending money on. The decisions become easy.

For instance, I value travel and I value freedom so when I have to spend money on my business or a new adventure I don’t feel so bad – in fact I feel great because I put my money toward something I hold valuable.

On the other hand, if I spend $200 bucks on clothes I don’t feel so great because I don’t value clothing that much. Actually, one can equate that feeling to a hangover.

This doesn’t mean I don’t try to make things cost effective – you can bet your ass I cashed in on airline miles, got myself a roommate, pitched to speak so I wouldn’t have to pay for a ticket, put everything on the business credit card for tax purposes, used my Southwest Rapid Rewards card to bank on airline miles, and then haggled my way up on Hyatt points for my next trip.

What it does mean is that I won’t feel like crap when I have to pay my credit card bill this month.What it means is I had an incredible experience that will add flavor to my life while I build my business –  and I have absolutely no problem with spending the money to do so.

Some other takeaways and highlights from #FinCon13

It’s your turn…

What I’d love for you to do is share what you value and what you love to spend money on. Everyone is different so all answers are welcome!

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And if you know someone who battles with spending feel free to send this their way . They may find this tidbit enlightening.

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